MAC Repairs

iMac & MacBook’s

We provide computer repair services in Diamond Creek for iMac & Macbook computers. We are a home-based business providing local drop off and remote support services


Re-Installation & Upgrade of macOS

  • Fresh installation/re-installation or upgrades

Mac Troubleshooting & Repairs

  • Diagnose issues and remedy the problem

Speed up your MAC

  • Find causes of the slowdown and fix

Hardware Upgrades & Replacements

  • Replace/upgrade hardware
  • Hard drives, screens, keyboards, etc

Malware Prevention & Security

  • Check for malicious software & boost security

Did you know we can fix a lot of MAC problems straight over the internet with Remote Support?

We use Any Desk for our remote support sessions.

Drop off your MAC to get fixed and we will let you know when its ready

Drop off your MAC to get fixed and we will keep you updated by Phone/SMS on the progress.

We are in Diamond Creek.

We service iMac & MacBook's

We can assist with repairing your MAC software and various hardware issues.

Yellow iMAC
Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

We can help with the below hardware issues and more…

Replace your broken MacBook screen

Has your MacBook screen been damaged or is failing to display correctly. We can repair/replace your damaged screen.

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

Anything from pixelation, lines, cracks, black screen….

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

Not holding charge, not working with power cord plugged in, bulging battery….

Replacing your MacBook Battery

If your battery isn’t holding charge, not lasting long or showing signs of interfering with the function of the MacBook we can replace it.

Replace damaged keys or whole keyboard

Has your key/s come away from the keyboard or your keyboard isn’t working correctly we can replace your key or keyboard.

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

Keyboard has stopped working, liquid spill or keys have broke away from the board….

Other things we can help with include

Speeding up your MAC

Diagnose what could be causing the MAC to not run at its full speed and what can be done to fix it.

Hard drive not detected (possible data recovery & replacement drive)

Diagnose the reason for the non-detection of the hard drive which may be hard drive failure, the need to recovery and putting in a replacement HDD/SDD.


Forgotten login password or other passwords

Override the MAC login password or find passwords you may have forgotten that are sitting within the MACs software including Keychain.

Apple Mail not working correctly

Diagnose and remedy issues with the mail accounts or the Apple Mail program itself.

Corrupted Hard Drive

Repair corruption on your hard drive that can be caused by file system damage or corruption to settings and preference files.

    Outlook Email Setup & Repairs

    Having issues with your emails? Problems with Outlook? or would you just like to set up your email account so you can view your emails on your computer? Including assistance for Office 365 Exchange.

    MAC Data Recovery

    We can help to get back your missing files, photos, documents and movies. More information.

    Accidentally Deleted Files

    We can help recover your accidentally deleted files, folders or operating system

    MacBook Screen Replacements

    We replace MacBook screens, prices vary depending on the MacBook model and can be very expensive. MacBook replacements are much more expensive than normal laptops especially if a retina model.

    How to find your MacBook model?

    Your model can usually be found on the bottom of the MacBook, providing us with the serial number can help us to get the correct model.

    MAC not booting / folder picture on screen

    Find the reason behind your MAC not booting and repair it.

    Spinning beachball icon showing on the cursor

    The spinning beachball is a general indication of either a hardware fault or software conflict.


    Hard drive is full and running out of space

    Help to free up space from your hard drive or install a new hard drive (while transferring existing data) to increase disk space.

    Improve hard drive speed by upgrading to an SSD

    Upgrading your old mechanical hard drive to a new SSD can help to breathe new life into your MAC.

    MAC needs a RAM upgrade to improve performance

    Adding or swapping existing RAM to improve the amount of resources your MAC has to carry out tasks.

    MAC Hardware Replacements

    We can replace faulty MAC hardware as well as upgrade your existing MAC hardware to improve the performance of your computer.

    MAC Hardware Upgrades

    Upgrade your ram and hard drive to improve the speed of your MAC.

    MAC Software & Hardware Repairs

    We can help fix your MAC software, OSX and some hardware issues.