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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

We offer file recovery services for you hard drive, mobile device,

USB drive that may have been damaged for some reason or


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The feeling of losing our most beloved photos or videos can be a terrible experience all those years of memories of our family or friends can be lost in a moment. Our special documents we needed for work. Dont Panic! There are several things we can do retrieve this files for you before thinking along the lines of a hard drive data recovery specialist which could cost you in the $1000’s. Data loss can be due to a number of different factors, but the two main causes are Software (which is easier to resolve) and could mean by mistake something has been deleted from your computer. And the other is Mechanical fault which can be the components failing within the hard drive itself and this is more of a problem. THERE ARE TWO WAYS THAT A DRIVE CAN CRASH - LOGICAL FAILURE OR MECHANICAL Ways to know your hard drive is failing is by the following: If your drive is spinning up and making clicking noises. This indicates a           failed head or heads. It is best to leave the drive off as further use will           cause more damage. If your drive spins up and is detected by your computer but doesnt          respond when you try to access it. Could possibly mean there are a          large amount of bad sectors that the drive is trying to read but is failing          to do so. If your drive is making a beeping sound when powered up. Could          possibly mean that the motor is trying to spin up but it is failing to do so. If you drive sounds normal but is not detected or is detected as a wrong           capacity. This normally indicates a problem with area of the firmware. Theres a number of different ways we can try to help recover your data. The recovery of accidental deletion of files is a much easier process and is usually greater success than a mechanical problem. We do have a range of programs at our deposal to help retrieve files from mechanically damaged hard drives as well. But is a much longer process and lower success rate.
We can recover your files from your faulty hard drive! Give us a call and we will be able to help you with your file recovery problems! Hard drive data recovery services! We offer file recovery services!


Alot of the time we can recover the information from the hard drive. If the fault is really serious its possible to try a data recovery company which concerntrates on the highly technical part of the recovery by taking the hard drive apart and retrieving the information parts at a time with special tools. This is usually a last resort and can get really expensive. We have many different ways to try and retrieve the information and usually we can retrieve the information. If we cant retrieve the information we just ask for an attempted fee and travel costs for the process as it can be long process. This process cannot be done onsite as it is time consuming process and could take days to a week or so.
Hard drive data recovery prices for all different size hard drives! Retrieval of files from USB drives. Our Prices.
We do sell external hard drives to which to recover the files to or you can supply your own external hdd. If we fail to get any files we will not charge full price but ask for an attempt fee and travel costs.


We cannot guarantee the complete retrieval of files as parts of the hard drive could be damaged beyond recovery. Data recovery is unpredictable and we might not be able to retrieve anything at all. For your hard drive data recovery services and file recovery services contact Tattwa Networks. MORE INFORMATION: The process of retrieval allows us to scan the device which has the lost files or has been damaged which can be a long process. Heavily damaged drives can take anywhere from a few hours, days or even weeks to find anything and even then it might not be possible to retrieve. Files that are found could have there names deformed and could show as 324234 instead of a proper named file. Also files recovered could be recovered but also damaged so the file cannot be used.
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