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By now you have probably already learned how to log into your website but we have put this here anyway just incase.

You will need to type in your website address into the browser with the /wp-admin on the end.


After pressing enter you will be presented with a login page, where you can enter in your username and password.

After that, you will be logged into the dashboard where you can make changes to your website.

* Please see picture below.

Editing pages with the visual builder

To make changes to the pages on your website you will need to make sure your logged in and then head to the page you want to make changes to.

Up the top of the page on the black bar you will see a button that says ‘ Enable Visual Builder‘, this will convert the page into an editable page. 

You will be able to edit most things on the pages directly or by clicking on the cog icon when hovering over the modules.

Make sure you click the purple circle with dots on it down the bottom of the page and click the save button that pops up when you have finished making changes.

Make sure a tick pops up after you have clicked saved, so you know it has saved successfully.

TIP: Pages can also be edited by going to pages in the dashboard and selecting the page you want to make changes to. You can enable the visual builder from within there.

 * Please see picture below.

optimising your images

When images have first been uploaded they will most likely be very large so it will increase the size of the pages, when the website is viewed from the outside the page will load very slowly.

You can use https://tools.pingdom.com to get an idea on the size of images on your webpage.

So what we need to do is optimise the images. There are various plugins that can help to minimise the size of these automatically. You can ask us if you would like one of these installed, we usually install anyway (free version which is limited as premium services cost monthly).

Another thing to help is to make sure you resize the images before uploading nearer to the size that it will be on the page, this helps to cut a heap of extra weight off the page.

There are programs on the internet which you can install on your computer to help reduce the size of the images further including Caesium.

Plugins can only do so much , so if you would like us to squeeze as much as we can to reduce the size of your images let us know.

Visual Front End builder

You can do lots of things with the visual builder directly from the front end of your page. You can add various types of modules including text, blurbs, images, etc. By clicking on the + signs between rows and columns.

Color meanings:

Grey = Module (Example: Buttons, Accordions, Blurbs, etc.)

Green = Row (The row layout, columns, sizing, padding, etc.)

Blue = Section (Rows are aligned within the section)

Purple = Full-width Modules can be put in these like sliders and large images

Orange = Special Layouts that allow for mixed columns and rows


Once these are in position you can click the cog icon on each colored outline to view and change the settings for that selection.

* See picture below.

preparing for search engines

Setting up for search engines is a bit different than just getting your website up and running. There’s various things that need to be looked at.


Some of these are:

  • Are you using the correct search terms that people are looking for?
  • Have you correctly set your Title for the page?
  • Have you set page descriptions?
  • Have you correctly set your page headings?
  • Is your content good quality?
  • Do you have pictures that relate to the page?
  • Are they unique pictures?
  • Have you set the ALT tag for the images?
  • Does your website run quickly on mobile and desktop ( under 4 seconds)

We can help setting this up for you if you need assistance.

In the future we should have a guide on how to achieve this yourself.

Making a blog post

Depending how your blog is setup for your particular website. You can add blog posts by hovering over ‘+ New‘ at the top of the page and clicking post.

This will take you to a new blank page where you can start writing your blog post. You should be able to style the blog posts similar to the pages by clicking on the edit with visual builder button.

You can also add a featured image in the right side bar before going into the visual builder, this will allow an image to show in your blog list so visitors can get a better idea what you are talking about before they click the article.

If we have set your blog up through a template system you can enter your post into the classic editor and it will be automatically formatted into the theme of the website.

* See picture below.

Adding videos

Adding videos is pretty easy, you can copy the embed source from your Youtube video and paste it into a code module.

  1. Start by choosing a spot where you want your video module to be, then click the grey plus circle. Type ‘code’ in search box and click the code icon to insert it.

2. Next, you want the code that you want to embed from Youtube. By clicking the embed code icon under the video. ( you can use other embed codes as well from other online video providers.

3. You want to paste this code into the code box and then it should be visible on the page.


Make sure you click the green tick and save the page.

You can also use the video module to add in videos.

Follow the above first step but type ‘video’ instead of code and you will be presented with a different module.


You can upload a video to the server to play from there or insert a link to your YouTube video.

Its recommended to upload to YouTube and add the link so as to save your hosting bandwidth and resources. As they can considerably lower the speed of the website if there are too many.

Creating or editing contact forms

One of the modules of the visual front end builder is the ability to create your own contact forms which can be positioned anywhere on your website.

First find an area where you can add a module (grey plus button)

Then click on the contact module in the popup window.

Once it is added you can design and adjust the settings in the contact form module by hovering over it and clicking the cog icon.

You can add your own fields, change font, colors, etc..

Make sure to enter the email address you would like the filled out information to go to.

* See below image.

adding or editing testimonials

You can also add a testimonials module to your page which will allow you to show customer reviews and feedback on your website.

By selecting a space and click the grey icon to add your module, you can select the testimonial and write in the testimonial.

This allows you to create individual testimonials that can be style within a section, row and columns.

* See below picture.

Changing text styling quickly

By highlighting a section of text on the page you can apply formatting to that section of text pretty easy without having to click into the cog icon of the text module to do so.

You can either click the text you want to make changes to or highlight and you will see a small little icon menu pop-up.

You should be able to bold, italic, change fonts, font sizes, color text and more..

*See picture below.


Speeding up your website

Once your happy with the website and want to speed things up a bit make sure you run at test on https://tools.pingdom.com to see how fast it runs, if it is taking too long over 5 seconds then some tweaking may be in order.

Even thou we have applied certain measures to speed up the website there is still things that need to be considered to stop the website slowing down.


  • Make sure to use exact size images
  • Make sure images are compressed
  • Dont use too many videos or pictures on a page
  • Dont put too many modules or text
  • Use adequate hosting (lots of shared hosting dont give enough resources to run a Wordpress website

For speed optimisation assistance please contact us. We can help with speeding up your website as quickly as possible.


website information

website UPDATES

Your website is automatically setup to keep backups every few days locally on the hosting server your website is on using a backup plugin, if your hosting supports server backups that will be benefical for you incase of damage or loss of website.

Let us know if you would like us to keep remote backups for you as if someone gains access into your hosting or a mistake is made on the editors half they can damage your website and backups.

Your account as admin is a limited admin account, we lock away some of the features so the editor doesn’t cause damage to the website.

This is a safety precaution, let us know if you would like us to give you full access. We cannot be held responsible for damage in this case.

We have turned off Plugin, Theme & WordPress Core updates as to prevent issues occurring with the website, but its best to have these running to help to prevent hackers and security issues.

Some hosting companies automatically run these for you even thou they are disabled which can cause your website to not show or work correctly if there’s an incompatibility.

Updates can cause software incompatibilities which cause all sorts of errors with the website.

If you would like us to turn these on for you let us know, but any problems with the website will incur a charge to fix the problem.


  • Signing up for our maintenance plan, we can make sure all of these updates are taken care of, and no errors appear on your website.


EXTRA Website updates &
hosting Services

Website Updates & Maintenance

We can take care of your website for you as part of a maintenance plan and make sure your themes, plugins and Wordpress platform is update, secure and working properly and more.

Website updates

Do you need some changes to your website? Need some extra pages designed, content updates or new features added to your website.

Send us a message and we will get back to you on costs.

Basic adjustments start from $50 and based on hourly rate of $50 but we maybe be able to work out a fixed price.

Get a quote » Starts from $50

monthly Wordpress website maintenance

We monitor your website for plugin, themes and Wordpress updates to make sure your website is constantly up to date and protected against the latest vulnerabilities.


  • Website Protection (Monitoring Hackers & Spam)
  • Complete CPANEL Management
  • Website Monitoring
  • Updating Theme, Plugins, Wordpress Core
  • Fix any issues that may take place after an update
  • Latest version of the Visual Builder (Which gets updated regularly)
  • Weekly Cloud Backups (Prevent loss of website in relation to hackers or user error)
  • Up to 1 hour quick updates (*Doesn’t carry over to next month)

GET A QUOTE » from $65 a month

speed optimisation

We can speed up your website and try to get it loading as quickly as possible.

By default your website should be loading pretty fast but in-case you wanted to go further we can analyse the website and see what can be done based on how your website is setup.


  • Image resizing & compression
  • Caching and tweaking
  • Compressing resources
  • Optimising page load
  • Server settings optimisation
  • Try and get the website to under 4 seconds or less (aimed at 1-2 seconds)

Updates and changes to a website can affect previous optimisation work and may need to be adjusted on drastic changes.

Get a quote » Starts from $250

Website Managed Hosting

We have managed hosting plans to help host your website on the internet. We use can host on our Australian reseller hosting. Resources start small and get higher depending on what you need.

Yearly managed hosting (small WEBSITES)

This is our first hosting package which is Australian based and consists of the following:

  • 2GB Hosting (DELL Cloud SAS Storage)
  • 100% CPU (Increase Performance) & 2GB RAM (Allow more visitors and plugins)
  • Email Setup
  • Website 3 hourly backups (In-case of data loss or malware)
  • SSL
  • Servers have firewalls, DDOS protection and Outbound Spam Filtering
  • We will host your website on our reseller hosting

Contact » at $120 a year + ($25 one time migration cost)

Yearly managed hosting (Medium WEBSITES)

This is our first hosting package which is Australian based and consists of the following:

  • 5GB Hosting (DELL Cloud SAS Storage)
  • 200% CPU (Increase Performance) & 2GB RAM (Allow more visitors and plugins)
  • Email Setup
  • Website 3 hourly backups (Incase of data loss or malware)
  • SSL
  • Servers have firewalls, DDOS protection and Outbound Spam Filtering
  • We will host your website on our reseller hosting

Contact » at $175 a year + ($25 one time migration cost)

Yearly managed hosting (Large WEBSITES)

This is our first hosting package which is Australian based and consists of the following:

  • 10GB Hosting (DELL Cloud SAS Storage)
  • 200% CPU (Increase Performance) & 4GB RAM (Allow more visitors and plugins)
  • Email Setup
  • Website 3 hourly backups (Incase of data loss or malware)
  • SSL
  • Servers have firewalls, DDOS protection and Outbound Spam Filtering
  • We will host your website on our reseller hosting

Contact » at $215 a year + ($25 one time migration cost)

Hosting Disclaimer


  1. Tattwa Networks will do its best to give you hassle free website hosting and email services. Please note that some problems are beyond our control as well as outages that may occur.
  2. Tattwa Networks reserves the right to change hosting providers at anytime to give you a better service.
  3. Tattwa Networks cannot be held responsible for missing emails or emails that don’t reach the server, but we can assist will these issues with the assistance of internet service providers and our reselling companies.

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