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Business showing on all devices in Google

There are a few different ways which can help customers to find you and they consist of:


  • Google My Business - (which shows your business in the local maps for a particular suburb or service area) 
  • Google Adwords - (a paid service offered by Google to help get the word out almost instantly, ads are positioned at the top, bottom and sides of the search results)
  • Organic Search - (this is the normal search results that show underneath the maps and the Ads)
  • Knowledge Graphs, Images & VideosDifferent variations of the organic search, that are usually very outstanding in the search results.
  • Social Platforms - Like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & more


What are these services good for and how can they help?


  • These particular services help with getting your website showing for various searches that people make looking for your particular services or products.


  • They help desktop as well as mobile phone users by showing your business or website in a prominent position.


  • They help your website to be structured in a way as to help visitors and to increase the power of your website.



How does SEO work?


  • Have you ever typed in a search term looking for something? say a product or service and be presented with a list of websites? Surely you have! Those websites, Google has placed those in relevant order that they saw fit. These websites have been set up in a way as to impress the search engines and so Google orders them in the order that is most relevant to what Google thinks is the best.


  • Competitors will usually fight for specific ranks in the search results by trying to make Google happier than the website that is ranking in that position.

Can my website rank well without SEO?


  • It's possible for easier search terms with not much competition & traffic and depending on how the designer made the website for your topic/industry. If they already tuned it with SEO in mind you may have a chance.


  • If there is a lot of competition you may still run into problems. The industry and competitors will need to be researched, analyzed and your website optimised if you want to stand a chance for more competitive terms.


How does Google determine where to place your website?


  • Google has a list of about 200+ ranking factors that it likes people to follow. If the website follows these guidelines then Google favors the website more but a lot of factors are not clear and search engines generally tend to hide the factors so they can't be manipulated.


  • Google changes their algorithms constantly and there is no definite method of getting high positions apart from following their rules, analyzing competition and testing & finding weak spots for those positions which can be a continuous work.


What does Google look for?


  • High quality and unique content
  • Non-duplicated content
  • Spell checked & grammar checked
  • High-quality page formatting
  • Word count
  • Topic relevance
  • Meta tags
  • Internal Linking
  • A blog which is updated regularly
  • Schema mark up
  • Keywords/search terms on the website that correlate to that audience
  • Offsite link building
  • Images which have alt tags
  • Videos
  • Other media content
  • External links to high authority websites
  • And much more



Learn more about whats involved in these packages by going here. The below packages are one-time optimization packages that get all your website ready for the search engines. Also here is our SEO terms of service.

With these packages, we will research and add the appropriate keywords to the pages for your industry. 

** We only work on one website per industry or topic **


Do these packages guarantee the first spot?

No, there are so many factors to take into consideration. Like what keywords we are using, the competition involved, how your website is performing, its structure and much more. But we can say you will become more visible and get more traffic.

For more technical work and targetted approach, we recommend our monthly service.


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