Our business customers

Here is a portfolio of some of the businesses we have done work for over the years and continue to still assist.

The below businesses / clubs are some of the companies we have carried out work for 

The Lock Guy Pty Ltd

The Lock Guy specialises in locksmithing and operates from their location in Research, Victoria.

We have worked on their website for the last 4+ years, website was originally designed by another company but we have kept the maintenance and updates.


Streamline Swim School

Streamline Swim School is a swimming school located in Eltham, which has been operating for the last 30+ years as a family based business.

We have been working on their website for over 4+ years and have assisted with computer repairs.

Siphon Corner Tools

A company which creates and sells revolutionary drywall corner tools.

Been working on their website for a few years and has undergone many changes.


Danleigh Engineering

Metal Engineering / Structural Steel business which operates in West Heidelberg.

We have been working on their website for the past few years.

Maddison Interiors

An Feng Shui Interior Design business operating out of Research.

We have been hosting and maintaining their website for the past few years.

Wattle Blossom Catering

A catering business in Research which specialises in local catering run by Sue.

We have been assisting with their website for the past 1 1/2 years. And have recently redesigned their website.

Hurstbridge Bowling Club

We recently created a new website for the Hurstbridge Bowling Club. They were seeking a website that was easy to make changes and has functionality for events and members directory.

Jessica Murphy Family Reports

Currently in the process of making a new website for Jessica as she wants to focus her business more on family reports aside from psychology.

Madre Tierra

A website we designed for a business wanting to sell Bio-degradable URNS, which consisted of an online shop which was customised to reflect the design.


Website was designed originally by someone else but we have kept up the updates and maintenance.

Ground penetrating radar company that specialises in finding underground objects.

Cleargard Auto Protection

We originally created this website for Cleargard after been using an html based website for a long time.

The move to this website allowed us to be able to do more.

The business has recently been taken over by another company so we no longer make changes.

Aquatech Pool & Spa Solutions

Website originally developed by another company but we have kept up updates and maintenance to make sure it is running well.

Peter runs this business as a pool cleaning and maintenance business.