Computer Services & Support

We provide computer repair services in Diamond Creek for PC, MAC & LAPTOP computers. Take a look at some of the services we provide.

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Motherboard from inside a laptop

Located nearby in Diamond Creek

We provide repairs and support for various devices

We are located in Diamond Creek and provide repairs and support for different types of devices including for PC, MAC & Laptops.

We can assist with software and hardware related issues.

Troubleshooting & Repairs

  • Diagnose and repair software & hardware for PC, Laptops & MAC

Hardware Upgrades, Repairs & Replacements

  • Replace, repair & upgrade hardware

Operating System Installations

  • Microsoft Windows, macOS & Linux

Home Business IT Support

  • Provide assistance for your home business needs

Remote Support

  • Support over the internet problems you may be experience

Data Backup / Transfer

  • Transfer data to a new device

Computer Maintenance

  • Make sure your computer is running well.

Wifi / Network Assistance

  • Help with diagnosing network related issues

Data Recovery

  • Recover data from your damaged or faulty device

Virus Removal & Security

  • Adware, malware and viruses
  • Boost Security

Custom PC Builds

  • PCs built for your particular needs

Common devices we support

We provide repairs and support for a variety of different devices and peripherals.

Desktop / PC

Tower based computers (Brand & Custom Built) and AIO (All in one)


Most brands of laptops including Dell, MSI, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, …

Apple MAC

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and other Apple devices

Tablets & Phones

We provide software support for tablets and phones

Common computer services we can help with

Computer Speed up

Over time your computer will slow down and it can be anything from software to hardware that may cause these slow downs.

Software Issues

From time to time we can run into software issues that will need to be diagnosed and repaired.


Driver Issues

Drivers can cause all sorts of problems with your computer that will need to be fixed or updated.

Email Setup & Repairs

Having issues with your emails? Problems with Outlook? or would you just like to set up your email account so you can view your emails on your computer? Including assistance for Office 365 Exchange.

New PC Builds

Your computer isn’t running as it should anymore and no amount of repairs can fix it or not worth it, we can build you a new system based on your requirements.

PC Part Replacements

We can replace PC parts including screens, keyboards, batteries, trackpads, HDD/SSDs, wireless adapters, webcams and more..

Printer & Peripheral Issues

We can troubleshoot and fix your printer issues, be it network related, driver related and software as well as minor hardware related issues.

Operating System Issues

We can fix issues with your operating system be it Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 as well as others.

Blue Screen or Black Screen

Experiencing blue screens with error codes or black screens with nothing showing at all?


Upgrade your old Windows or other operating system to the latest version

Upgrade from the old operating system you have on your computer to the latest one.

We also service macOS.

Laptop Part Replacements

We can replace laptop parts including screens, keyboards, batteries, trackpads, HDD/SSDs and more.. We can replace with manufacturer brand or generic brands.

Mac Part Replacements

We can replace mac parts including screens, keyboards, batteries, trackpads, HDD/SSDs and more..


What are computer maintenance services?

Computer maintenance services are a multitude of troubleshooting and repairs that are carried out to make sure your computer is running correctly and can entail the following or more:


  • Virus / Malware Removal
  • Software Troubleshooting, Updates & Fixes
  • Make sure devices are running correctly
  • Speed optimisation
  • Cleaning useless programs
  • Making sure enough space
  • Make sure operating system is running correctly
  • Make sure hardware is running properly



Leigh is a delight to deal with, always helpful and has been able to assist with all-out computer problems. Being able to remotely logging has been a godsend. Would definitely recommend Tattwa Networks.



Leigh is awesome! Always manages to sort out my pc issues!
Have been using him for the last couple of years. Honest, reliable and affordable!!

Rose Beale


Biggest of thanks to an awesome service.
Reliable, efficient and knowledgeable. High fives all around.

Steve Paul


Highly recommend. Well fantastic to find someone that is local and punctual, honest and efficient and can solve all your computer problems so easy…

Five Star Service.

Erik Pedersen


Hi all, I have been a customer of Tattwa Networks for some 3-4 years and have found Leigh to be most helpful each time I have an issue with my computer.



Incredibly helpful, knowledgable and communicative! Not only fixed my computer annoyance in a day but also explained to me what was wrong to begin with. Thank you Leigh!

Jason Cheng


Having worked carried out over several years, I have been very impressed with Tattwa Networks, with their professionalism and speedy service, with very reasonable rates and easy to communicate with.



Awesome service. PC fixed same day.