Computer Services


We provide computer repair services for PC and MAC computers. We are a home-based business in Diamond Creek and provide drop off appointments as well as remote support appointments to help you get the problem fixed quickly over the internet.


Computer Troubleshooting

We help you to get to the root of a computer issue and help by fixing the problem. Be it software or hardware based.


Virus Removal

We can analyse your system for traces of viruses and help to remove these troublesome bugs as well as repair damage done by the virus.


Hardware Upgrades & Replacements

Need to upgrade your old hardware or need to replace faulty hardware?

We can replace or upgrade your hardware.


Remote Support

We can help you over the internet from the comfort of your own home.

Has your PC/MAC run into a problem or not working as it should?

From time to time computers run into all sorts of problems and it is our job to try and get those fixed for you to help take the stress off you having to solve the problems yourself. We provide a drop off service as well as remote support


Did you know we may be able to solve your problem straight over the internet with Remote Support?

We use Teamviewer for our remote support sessions.

You can drop off your computer to get fixed and we will let you know when its ready.

Drop off your computer and we will keep you updated by phone/sms on the progress.

What we can help with

Computer Speed up

Over time your computer will slow down and it can be anything from software to hardware that may cause these slowdowns.

Sometimes they can be simple fixes or more complicated.

Software Troubleshooting & Fix

Software doesn’t play nice all the time with specific system setups or updates and will need to be configured to work properly.


Hardware Repairs

Problems with your hardware? We can diagnose and apply the best course of action for getting it running well again.


Driver Troubleshooting & Fix

Drivers can cause all sorts of problems with your computer.

They can become corrupted or need updating to comply with new operating system changes.

Laptop Screen Replacements

We replace laptop screens, prices vary depending on the laptop model and screen for replacement.

Please contact us for a price for your model. We don’t keep screens in stock and will need to be ordered.

How to find your laptop model?

Laptop Keyboard Replacements

We can replace laptop keyboards in the event it has stopped working or if liquid damage.

Prices vary depending on laptop model. Please contact us for a price for your model.

We don’t keep keyboards in stock and will need to be ordered. 

Find your laptop model!


Printer Troubleshooting & Fix

We can assist in troubleshooting and fixing your printer issues, be it network related, driver related and software as well as minor hardware related issues.


Operating System Troubleshooting & Fix

We can fix issues with your operating system be it Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 as well as MACOSX.

Virus Removal

We can help with the removal of viruses, malware and junkware as well as ransomware (Not all ransom viruses are fixable at the moment because of the level of encryption on some of them, no recovery key has been found).


Hardware Replacements

We can replace faulty hardware as well as upgrade your existing hardware to improve the performance of your computer.

Laptop Battery Replacements

We can replace laptop batteries we can replace with manufacturer brand or generic brands.

Prices vary depending on battery model. We don’t keep batteries in stock and will need to be ordered.

How to find battery model?