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Data Backup & Transfer

As part of our local computer services from our location in Diamond Creek we can help with backing up your data, transferring between computers, storing important files in the Cloud or setting up a NAS server.

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Motherboard from inside a laptop

Located nearby in Diamond Creek

We can backup, restore or transfer between devices

We are located in Diamond Creek and provide backup & transfer services to help you transfer data on to other computers and storage devices.

We can help setup a automated backup system to help keep your data protected from potential loss. This could include an External hard drive, NAS server or Cloud service.

Keep backups of your files

It is important to keep backups of your files because you never know when your computer or storage device might stop working.

Keeping an external hard drive ready for backups or backing up to the cloud can provide an option to restore if something does go wrong.

We can help to create an automatic backup of all your important files.

Transfer data from an old device to a new device

We can help get your new PC, MAC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet ready to transfer the data you would like to transfer and then transfer the data across making sure there’s enough room and that the device can handle those types of files.

We will then make sure all the data is in their right places.

Backup your files on a file server that can be fitted to your home network (NAS)

It is possible to backup all your computers and devices to your home network by attaching a file server otherwise known as a NAS which once setup can provide you with a storage for all devices.

It runs like a little computer and has its own software which can help monitor for issues with the hard drives and scan for malware, etc..