Remote Desktop Support

Computer repairs over the internet

We provide support & repairs over the internet and can solve your computer problems from our home-based computer repair business in Diamond Creek, we can help on PC or MAC and target our services to the Nillumbik region

Don't dismantle your computer to take to a computer shop

Saving you having to dismantle your computer to bring to us or a computer store we can save you the hassle and repair your problems over the internet.

We can also provide support & assistance in what you want to be able to do with your computer.


We can fix most problems or provide support over the internet

Lots of problems are software related so we can get most of these sorted online using a special software that allows us to access your computer like we are in front of it.

We use Teamviewer.


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How does remote support work?


Remote Support is a term used in computers to describe a type of support that allows us to access your computer remotely to provide assistance, training, or repair an issue with the device.

Remote Support is great as it allows us to quickly access your computer and provide straight away support instead of having to dismantle the computer to bring to us or wait for someone to come onsite to fix it and they might not be able to fix it on the spot.

All that’s needed is to download the certain software we use which is Teamviewer and then provide the ID and Password that shows on your screen after you install it and then we will be able to login to access your computer like we are sitting in front of it.



  • Generally faster support & repairs
  • Easy to setup
  • Sessions are secured with encryption
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible with your location
  • Over 80% of problems can be fixed online
  • Don’t need to take computer to shop and wait a few weeks to get it fixed
  • Most remote support problems are solved within 1 hour
  • Password is automatically generated on each restart of the program or your internet connection (can also manually refresh it)

What can be fixed?

  • Software Issues
  • Security, software & operating system updates
  • Microsoft Office issues
  • Setup / configuring backups
  • Networking issues
  • Email setup & issues
  • Virus / Malware removal
  • Security
  • Printer & Scanner issues
  • General maintenance
  • Speeding up your computer
  • Hardware diagnosis
  • Software installations & repair


Is remote support safe?

The way we use remote support is relatively safe for the person we are helping as we generally get the person to setup Teamviewer which is the main software we use and then we ask for the generated ID and Password so we can login to perform our repairs, training, etc..

The password is randomised when the computer, internet or program is turned off or restarted. Its also possible to change the password by clicking the two arrows icons in the program.

Teamviewer uses an encryption to keep connections safe. The general use of this program is relatively safe but if the ID/Password is given out to someone they don’t know it can give them access to a computer.

We have carried out a lot of remote support sessions and haven’t had any issues with the people we have helped with it. The only time would be when the person has given out their credentials to someone who is not what they claim to be and have caused damage while on their computer.

Read more out the safety of remote support

Who can use remote support?

Anyone with an internet connection