Over the internet (PC/MAC)

Remote Desktop & IT Support

We provide support & repair services over the internet and can solve your computer problems from our home-based computer repair business in Diamond Creek, we can help on PC or MAC.

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Remote support for Windows

Located in Diamond Creek

Computer repair and support over the internet for PC & MAC

Saving you having to dismantle your computer to bring to us or a computer store we can save you the hassle and repair your problems over the internet.

Although we are based in Diamond Creek, Victoria. We can provide support to customers outside this location because of the benefit of remote support software.


How does remote support work?

Remote Support is a term used in computers to describe a type of support that allows us to access your computer remotely to provide assistance, training, or repair an issue with the device.

Remote Support is great as it allows us to quickly access your PC or MAC and provide straight away support.

Remote support on macOS

All that’s needed is to download the certain software we use which is AnyDesk and then you just provide the ID that shows on your screen after you install it and then we will be able to send a sign-in request for you to accept so we can login to your computer like we are sitting in front of it.

Benefits of Remote Support


What can be fixed?

  • Software Issues
  • Security, software & operating system updates
  • Microsoft Office issues
  • Setup / configuring backups
  • Networking issues
  • Email setup & issues
  • Virus / Malware removal
  • Security
  • Printer & Scanner issues
  • General maintenance
  • Speeding up your computer
  • Hardware diagnosis
  • Software installations & repair


  • Generally faster support & repairs
  • Easy to setup
  • Sessions are secured with encryption
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible with your location
  • Over 80% of problems can be fixed online
  • Don’t need to take computer to shop and wait a few weeks to get it fixed
  • Most remote support problems are solved within 1 hour


Is remote support safe?

Remote support is a way for someone in another location to access your device remotely without having to be in front of your computer. This can be bad and good. If access is given to the wrong person it could leave you vulnerable and present a security risk.

We use AnyDesk for our remote support so each request needs to be accepted from the customers side before we can gain access.

On the positive side this can be a great way to get support and repairs for your device without having to take your computer to a computer shop.

What is remote desktop support?

Remote desktop support is a type of support which allows access to specific devices including: PC, MAC, Laptops and other types of devices which provide an interface for it.

This is achieved with the help of a network or internet.

Remote desktop support can provide access to the target devices files, applications, operating system and network resources. The reasons being to diagnose and repair problems or to provide support and general assistance.

Who can use remote support?

Anyone with an internet connection

We provide our remote support services nearby to the Nillumbik region and outside regions

We are in Diamond Creek and we can provide remote desktop support for the following suburbs and suburbs that are outside this list.

  • Diamond Creek
  • Hurstbridge
  • Panton Hill
  • Smiths Gully
  • Greensborough
  • Christmas Hills
  • Arthurs Creek
  • Wattle Glen
  • Nutfield
  • North Eltham
  • Watsons Creek
  • North Warrandyte
  • St Andrews
  • Smiths Gully
  • Cottles Bridge
  • Plenty
  • Yarrambat
  • Research
  • Kangaroo Ground
  • Bend of Islands