Lost your files or cant access your HDD?

It can be quite scary when our files go missing. Hard drives can experience all sorts of problems, especially if it gets knocked or dropped. Milder sorts of problems consist of software or user errors.

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Missing files or an inaccessible HDD doesn’t necessarily mean the files are gone

HDD’s can suddenly stop working properly which can stop you from accessing your important files and it can be a scary experience as most of us have photos, videos or important work documents.

We recommend a data recovery specialist for
HDDS in your computer THAT

If we are successful at accessing your storage device we should be able to get your files

If the device isn’t completely broken we should be able to get a portion or all of your files if we are lucky, depending on the state of the device.

We can backup your recovered files to a spare HDD you may have or you can purchase from us

If you have a backup hard drive to recover your files too we can recover your files on to that or you can purchase one off us.

We use specialised software to retrieve lost files

We use a variety of different tools and computers to try and recover your data. If we can’t get it then its due for a specialist data recovery.

Questions & Answers about Data Recovery


Am I guaranteed all my files?

We cannot guarantee all your files recovered, we can’t guarantee any files recovered. It depends on the state of the HDD.


Do I have to pay for having retrieved nothing?

We dont charge full amount if we dont retrieve any files but we ask for an attempt fee which is $45


How long can it take to retrieve the files?

It can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks depending on the state of the HDD. When HDD’s start failing they become incredibly slow so extracting data can take a terribly long time until becoming inaccessible.


Will my files come back as they were?

Usually they come back as they were but sometimes when we retrieve files they come back as lost. So they won’t have any proper filenames or descriptions and you will have to sort through them to find the ones that are important to you.


There's no power or any vibration or sorts in the hard drive what should I do?

If its an internal HDD , one from a computer we recommend you send it to data recovery specialist centre so they can perform special tests and extraction of your data. If its an external HDD we may be able to help as it may be a case power issue.

How to find your laptop model?

Finding your laptop model shouldn't be too hard to find, it is usually found on the bottom of your laptop on a sticker or underneath where the battery sits, so you will need to remove your battery.