Hard Drive Data Recovery

Have you lost some important files, can’t access your external HDD, the computer won’t boot so you can get access to your files?

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What do we do?

  • Recover lost, damaged, or deleted data
  • Exchange to PST Conversion
  • Email corruption recovery
  • We can work on internal and external HDD’s / storage devices
  • Newer SATA SSDs as well as M SATA & M2 SSD Drives


Recover lost files from your HDD/SSD

We can retrieve data from faulty hard drives (internal or external) including SSD Drives.

Solid State Drive NVMe M.2 PCIE (SSD)

Recovery of emails, photos, documents and other files

We can retrieve photos, documents, videos, music, and other valuable information.

We can also recover emails from corrupted databases.

Internal components of a mechanical hard drive

Our data recovery focuses on software methods and minor hardware fixes but for the more extreme cases of hardware failure if we can’t retrieve any files, we can send your hard drive off to get assessed by our partner Payam

Signs of hard drive failure

  • Hard drive cant be accessed
  • Clicking, knocking, scratching or clunking Sounds
  • Hard drive not powering up
  • Computer freezing or locking up
  • Corrupted partition / file system
  • Signs of bad sectors on the hard drive



Am I guaranteed all my files?

We cannot guarantee all your files recovered, we can’t guarantee any files are recovered. It depends on the state of the HDD.


Do I have to pay for having retrieved nothing?

We don’t charge full amount if we don’t retrieve any files, but we ask for an attempt fee which is $45


How long can it take to retrieve the files?

It can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks or longer depending on the state of the HDD and if you want to go through with it.

When HDD’s start failing, they become incredibly slow so extracting data can take a terribly long time until becoming inaccessible.



Will my files come back as they were?

Usually, they come back as they were in their folder/file structure but depending on the state of the hard drive when we retrieve files they may come back as random files without proper information.

So, they won’t have any proper filenames or descriptions and you will have to sort through them to find the ones that are important to you.

Also, they may come back as partial files, so only parts of the file will be seen. We may be able to reconstruct some of these images depending on the state of data retrieved.



Where will you store my files?

We can store them wherever you would like them stored but it’s not recommended to put them back on the same device that is faulty.

We can supply an external hard drive to store your data for an extra price or you may want to give us your computer or an external hard drive you may have to use.



Is it worth risking to extract the data using software methods or should we take to a data recovery specialist?

If you can’t afford to pay for a specialist centre which could be anywhere up to $2500 or maybe more, we can try and attempt a recovery for you using certain types of software and computer setups.

If the state of the drive is bad and is degrading while extracting data, we would recommend seeing a data recovery specialist, but it is up to the individual to decide how important the data is and if you’re willing to pay those amounts.

We are partnered up with Payam, one of the most well-known data recovery specialists in Australia so we can send it off for you.

We will usually let you know when we look at it for you so you can decide.



There's no power or any vibration or sorts in the hard drive what should I do?

We can attempt to access this and recover information for you as it could be a cable, external PCB board (USB Enclosure) or connection issue with the computer.

But in lots of cases if it’s an internal HDD and we can’t get it to power up, we may recommend you send it to data recovery specialist centre so they can perform special tests and extraction of your data.



I spilt liquid on my laptop

‘Depending on the type of hard drive you have in your computer these cases can be difficult.

If your computer was off during the spillage, keep it off. If it was on during the spillage don’t try to start it anymore as it can cause further damage.

We may be able to remove the water elements from your computers electrical parts by taking it apart, if the computer was off and kept off, we have a higher chance of recovering the computer.

Covered hard drives make it easier to recover. Laptops which have an uncovered SSD drive like an M SATA or M2 NVME may be more difficult as the water can contact the circuit and short it out.

In this case we would recommend sending it to a data recovery centre that specialises in those cases.


We provide our data recovery services to the suburbs of Nillumbik

We are in Diamond Creek, so our main goal is to provide our services to people living in the following suburbs: Panton Hill, Hurstbridge, Wattle Glen, Cottles Bridge, Strathewen, Kangaroo Ground, Christmas Hill, Isle of Bends, and others.

If you live outside Nillumbik we can still help but our data recoveries are drop off only (no onsite work for data recoveries because of the length of time it can take) so might be a fair distance for you to travel.