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Computer Insurance Reports

As part of our local computer services from our location in Diamond Creek we can provide detailed insurance reports so you can claim on damages to your broken computer or laptop.

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Motherboard from inside a laptop

Located nearby in Diamond Creek

We can write up a detailed computer damage insurance report

We are located in Diamond Creek and we can provide a detailed report of damages done to your computer or laptop so you can give it to your insurance company to help with a claim.

By writing up a report we analyse the computer and detail what happened including damages that the device has received and the options available going forward.

Identify the damage

If your device sustained damage from something that happened including drops, liquid spill or other means. We will identify the problem and detail the damage that has been done.

Repair or replacement

We will assess your PC, MAC, or Laptop to see if its repairable or if its best to replace. We will then let you know the best course of action.

Create a computer repair report

We will then write up a report for you with detailed pictures, what diagnosis and tests we did, then we will detail what we recommend. All this will be included in a PDF file.

Drop your device off to us for an assessment.

Cost of insurance assessment is $120