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Software Installation & Setup

As part of our local computer services from our location in Diamond Creek we provide software installation and setup services which can include Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Emails, Adobe, Antivirus and other types of software.

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Motherboard from inside a laptop

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Help with your computer software

We are located in Diamond Creek and provide services for helping to get your software installed and setup properly. 

There are many types of software made for different types of computers and operating systems. They are there to provide tasks that people may need and some of them can be difficult to setup.

We can help to set these types of programs up for you.

Software Installation

Software has different types of requirements depending what it needs to get running. Some can only be used on certain brands, certain hardware configurations or operating system.

We can check out to see if your computer is compatible and if there are any software or hardware changes we can do to get it working.

Perform necessary software updates

Software will receive updates from time to time, but on occasion major updates can be released that need to be installed but there are a few steps that must be met before doing so.

We can help with getting these updates installed for you.

Simplify program startups

We can help simplify the way you start up your programs by putting shortcuts on your desktop , in the start menu and bottom start bar.

This means you only need to click once and up it should load. 

Install or reinstall an operating system

We can install an operating system of your choice or reinstall your existing operating system. We can also upgrade your operating system to a newer version.

Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, etc..