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Did you know we can help you over the internet, with remote support?

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Macbook Air Laptop

Having computer problems and in need of repairs?

If your PC, MAC or Laptop is in need of a repair, cleanup, upgrade we can help. We are located in Diamond Creek and service the surrounding suburbs.

You can drop-off your computer to us or we can help you over the internet with remote support.


or give us a call on 0479 100 163

  • Trouble booting up your computer?
  • Computer running slow and sluggish?
  • Noticed strange window popups?

We build desktop computers 

Is your current computer on its way out or are you looking for a new computer to replace your existing one. We can design and build a PC to fit your requirements. We also sell refurbished computers from time to time.

New Thermaltake Case for building a new computer / pc

Computer services from our location in Diamond Creek

We provide services and repairs for PC/MAC & LAPTOPS which can be dropped off to us or we can assist over the internet with remote support.

Some of the main things we can help you with include:

  • Making your computer/internet run faster

  • Configure your network to share files & printers
  • Configure cloud backups to store all your important photos, documents and files online.
  • Setup new computers, software and other equipment
  • Increase security on your computers and network
  • Repair laptops/desktops including Apple MAC products
  • Email setup & repairs (Including Office 365 Exchange)
  • Computer screen repair for laptops
  • iMAC & MacBook repairs
ASUS Prime motherboard used in computer builds or motherboard replacements
Inside of computer case when carrying out computer repairs

Computer Repairs

PC, LAPTOP & MAC Repairs

We can assist in repairing your software and hardware issues

Power supply used in computer hardware upgrades or new computers

Hardware Upgrades

HDD/SDD, RAM, Motherboards, CPU, etc

Need to replace faulty hardware or upgrade your existing hardware?

Malwarebytes an Antimalware / Antivirus scanner which picks up everything

Virus & Malware Removal

Unwanted junk/programs

Think your computer has caught a bug? We can assist with malware and virus removal

Broken laptop screen needs a replacement to get working again

Laptop Repairs

including screen, battery & keyboard replacements

We can replace your faulty laptop hardware, screens, keyboards and batteries


Can you change or upgrade my hard drive as its no longer recognized?

Yes, this generally means that there is something wrong with your hard drive, computer or drivers. Depending on your computer and what we find wrong we can recommend installing a new hard drive or SSD and reinstalling windows. Or if its a backup drive that can be replaced. If you have important files on your hard drive that needs recovering we can help with recovering those files for you.


I have built a PC myself, and it is not booting or working properly can you assist with finding the problem?

Yes, we can help with diagnosing what the problem could be and help you to fix it. There are various problems we can run into when building a PC and these require various tests to find out the problem.

My computer is failing to boot, can you help?

Yes, we can help find out the cause of your computer not booting which could be a variety of different things like: power supply, operating system updates, antivirus, corrupted drivers, faulty hardware, faulty plugged in devices, motherboard and more…

I would like to upgrade my existing hard drives to the new SSD and reinstall Windows 10. Can you help?

Yes, we can upgrade your existing hard drive to a new SSD drive. SSD drives are much more faster and reliable than the old hard drives and so they are recommended for anyone. Especially older systems. Lots of times we don’t even need to reinstall Windows 10, we can just clone the hard drive to a new SSD for you and its all good to go.

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Leigh from Tattwa Networks has been a highly valued part of our business for many years, not only in computer repairs/updates but in the SEO and online marketing of our business.

Highly recommended! The Lock Guy Pty Ltd!

Rob ClarkeManager at The Lock Guy


Leigh is awesome! Always manages to sort out my pc issues!

Have been using him for the last couple of years. Honest, reliable & affordable!!

Rose Beale – Customer


Biggest of thanks to an awesome service.

Reliable, efficient and knowledgeable. High fives all around.

Steve PaulCustomer


Highly recommend. Well fantastic to find someone that is local and punctual, honest and efficient and can solve all your computer problems so easy…

Five Star Service.

Erik PedersenCustomer


Leigh is incredible, very helpful, fast & great service

Kerri GCustomer

Incredibly helpful, knowledgable and communicative! Not only fixed my computer annoyance in a day but also explained to me what was wrong to begin with. Thank you Leigh!

Jason ChengCustomer

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