New Computers

We build Desktop PC’s and provide peripherals

From our home-based computer repair business in Diamond Creek we build PC’s from basic home / business computers to the more advanced setups

Looking for a new PC?

Is your current computer getting old and you are looking to upgrade. We can build a computer for you specified by your needs.

We can transfer your existing computer onto the new PC

Most the time we can transfer your existing setup so its the same when you get your new hardware. So you don’t have to go back to the beginning.

Tell us what you need and we will arrange a build for you

All you need to do is tell us what you need the computer for and we will sort out the rest.

Black Tower Case for a new PC
ASUS Prime Motherboard

What comes with our PC Builds

Power Supply (PSU)

1 Year Hardware Warranty

 If there is an manufacturer issue with your hardware in the first year we will send the part back and get it replaced for you.

*Doesn’t include user damage.



High Quality Components

 We usually select high quality components which have a better durability and work well. Unless otherwise specified to lower costs.

Recommended computer builds depending on needs

Our builds involve the case and internal parts with no Windows installation as a base build. Anything else can be added as extras.


Home / Basic Use

Business / Office Use

Professional / Advanced Use

Request a build quote

Select the type of hard drive

Do you require Windows 10?

Transfer old computer to this computer?

Select Video Card

15 + 6 =

Extras that can be added to your build


Windows 10

Windows Installation

We can install Windows 10 on your computer

CPU Water Cooling

CPU Water Cooling

We can install a water cooling loop on your processor if you like a cooler computer but there are fan based cooling that can work better

Mechanical Keyboard

Computer Keyboard

There is a great range of keyboards to choose from including the new mechanical keyboards

Curved Computer Monitor

Computer Monitor

If you need a new monitor to go with your computer we can help you.
There are a good range of different monitors to choose from including the curved monitors.

ASUS ROG Motherboard

Choose your own parts

You can choose the parts you would like in your computer

ASUS ROG Motherboard

Wireless Adapter

We can install a wireless adapter to help you pickup your wireless internet connection


My computer is slowing down and not working like it used to, do you recommend me buying a new computer?
We would recommend you have us perform a computer repair on your existing computer first so we can diagnose as well as see what we can do for that computer so you dont have to purchase a new one. If after our assessment we recommend you get a new one it is totally up to you.

Usually its software or a few hardware components that could be playing up and just remedying them can fix the problem.

How long does it take to get the computer built?

We will put the order in for the parts as soon as a deposit as been made on the arranged computer build. Then as soon as we get the parts we can start building it for you. Generally it takes 3-5 days (Exceptionally longer now because of the way things are at the moment and being a shortage on computer supplies)

Can you transfer my existing data to the new one?

Yes we can transfer it across for you but it will include an additional cost to transfer. Its possible to mirror the way your computer is now onto the new system if your on the latest version of Windows (from Windows 7 upwards).

Older Windows will require more time to transfer data, there may be a need to update existing software to comply with the new Windows.


Can you build a computer which supports overclocking?

Yes, we can build computers that support overclocking. However we are not responsible for damage that can be caused by overclocking.

Can you add a water cooling system to my computer?

Yes we can add AIO water cooling in your computer, however we try to stick to closed solutions to prevent damage. As well, we cannot be help responsible for any damage caused by water damage.

If i bring the parts can you build it? What are the costs?

Yeah, sure we can build it for you. However, we don’t provide any hardware warranty. Prices will vary based on the complication of the setup.