Computer Cleaning & Tune Up

Our computer cleaning and tune-up services include optimising speed, removing unwanted programs, cleaning the internal parts of your computer including dust and reapplying thermal paste. 

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Motherboard from inside a laptop

Located nearby in Diamond Creek

We can clean & tune up your computer

We are located in Diamond Creek and provide services for optimising, cleaning and fine tuning your computer. Be it a desktop computer, laptop or Mac computer.

We can also help improve thermal management of your computer to help reduce temperatures.

We can go through your operating system, software and hardware to make sure its running the best it can.

Keeping inside your computer clean

Over time computers can accumulate dust, drops of liquid and other types of particles that can seep through or be sucked into the vents.

This continually happening overtime can cause overheating, blockages and other types of problems which can cause the computer to struggle or stop working.

The severity of the computer will be based on the location, some can be much more worse off that others.

Dust inside computer

Cleaning, fixing & optimising your software

Apart from the hardware the software side of things also needs to be taken care of from time to time.

Junk can build up inside of Windows which can take up large amounts of space, files can get corrupted, updates can fail, drivers can act all funny, etc..

Fixing these things can help your computer run better and keep it nice and clean.



Leigh is a delight to deal with, always helpful and has been able to assist with all-out computer problems. Being able to remotely logging has been a godsend. Would definitely recommend Tattwa Networks.



Leigh is awesome! Always manages to sort out my pc issues!
Have been using him for the last couple of years. Honest, reliable and affordable!!

Rose Beale


Biggest of thanks to an awesome service.
Reliable, efficient and knowledgeable. High fives all around.

Steve Paul


Highly recommend. Well fantastic to find someone that is local and punctual, honest and efficient¬†and can solve all your computer problems so easy…

Five Star Service.

Erik Pedersen


Hi all, I have been a customer of Tattwa Networks for some 3-4 years and have found Leigh to be most helpful each time I have an issue with my computer.



Incredibly helpful, knowledgable and communicative! Not only fixed my computer annoyance in a day but also explained to me what was wrong to begin with. Thank you Leigh!

Jason Cheng


Having worked carried out over several years, I have been very impressed with Tattwa Networks, with their professionalism and speedy service, with very reasonable rates and easy to communicate with.



Awesome service. PC fixed same day.