NAS & File Server Setup

As part of our computer repair and support services from our location in Diamond Creek we build / setup NAS systems to help create backups or local copies of your important files from PC, MAC or other devices. 

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Motherboard from inside a laptop

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Create backups or store copies of your files

We are located in Diamond Creek and if you are looking for a way to backup your files locally inside your home or business network, then you may be looking for a file server or NAS. These can be setup and plugged into your network either locally or at another location and your files can be synced or backed up so you have copies. Multiple HDD’s or SSD’s can also be added to create mirrored copies incase of drive failure.  

Files can be stored from multiple devices and locations

You can backup your MAC via Time Machine, manually copy files across as a normal folder, backup your Windows PC, sync files using different types of software.

You can also backup other devices to it through certain apps.

Extra Benefits

Using a NAS / File server can provide extra benefits including:

  • Possibility of onboard virus scanning
  • Extra security features
  • Email notifications on events including failing drives, low space, etc..
  • Run various other server type software including Docker
  • RAID / SHR incase of failures