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We provide troubleshooting and computer repair services for your notebook / laptops software and hardware, we are a home-based business located in Diamond Creek. 

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Motherboard from inside a laptop

Located nearby in Diamond Creek

We can repair and provide support for various laptops

We are located in Diamond Creek and provide laptop repairs and support to nearby suburbs including Nillumbik for the majority of different types and brands of laptops.

We can repair a variety of different problems that you may be experiencing with your laptop anything from software to hardware.

Laptop brands we fix include:

Acer, Asus, Alienware, XPS, Dell, Dynabook, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, LG, Metabox, Microsoft Surface, Razer, Samsung, Toshiba, Leader, Fujitsu, MSI

Common services we can help with

These are some of the common services we carry out. Scroll down to see what else we also do.

Laptop Screen Replacements

We can repair or replace broken, pixelated, cracked or black screens.

DC Jack Repair

We can fix wobbly , non contacting or broken laptop charging sockets.

Broken Laptop Hinge Repairs

We can repair or replace a broken laptop case hinge / screen casing.

Liquid Spill Cleanups

Remove liquid and corrosion from a laptop spill.

Other services we provide include

Laptop fan blocked with dust

Software / Operating System Issues & Upgrades

We can diagnose and repair OS and Software problems.

Repair / Replace Faulty Hardware

We can diagnose and repair your hardware faults or replace the faulty parts.

Software Issues

Troubleshoot and repair software problems

Panel / Cover Replacements

We can replace damaged laptop casing top or bottom.

Insurance Damage Reports

We can write out a report for damages done to your laptop so you can claim on insurance.

Motherboard Repairs / Replacements

We can try get your existing laptop motherboard working or replace it to get the laptop working again.


Diagnose the cause and fix the reason of the overheating.

Not Booting

Find the cause why its not booting and see if we can get it running again.

Wireless Problems

Repair faulty wireless adapters or replace them.

SSD Hard Drive Upgrades

Upgrade your old hard drive to a new faster SSD drive or replace your existing SSD.

Optical Drive Replacement

We can repair or replace faulty CD/DVD Drives.

Laptop Cleaning

We can clean the your laptop internally, externally and also your operating system/software.

Battery Replacement

Reset or replace a faulty battery with a new one.

Data Recovery

We can recovery data from your failed laptop hard drive or laptop

Keyboard / Touchpad Replacements & Repairs

We can replace your faulty keyboard or touchpad with a new one or try and get your existing one working.

Laptop Charger Replacements

We can get a replacement laptop charger to replace your current faulty charger

Other things we can help with include

Speeding up your laptop

Diagnose what could be causing the notebook/laptop to not run at its full speed and what can be done to fix it.


Forgotten login password or other passwords

Recover or reset the password for your operating system login on your laptop.

Corrupted Hard Drive

Repair the corrupted file system on your laptop which could have possibly happened from hardware issues or by software updates.

    Email Setup & Repairs

    We can help to diagnose and fix your email issues including Outlook, Thunderbird and various other clients. We can also setup the accounts for you in your mail client.

    Stuck at the Windows boot up screen or Windows not booting

    Diagnose the reason behind Windows not booting up and repair the cause of the issue.


    Hard drive is full and running out of space

    Help to free up space from your hard drive or install a new hard drive (while transferring existing data) to increase disk space.

    Improve hard drive speed by upgrading to an SSD

    Upgrading your old mechanical hard drive to a new SSD can help to breathe new life into your laptop.

    Strange noises

    We can diagnose and fix the weird noises that may be coming from your laptop.


    Is it worth it to repair a laptop?

    Its well worth it to get it checked out first to see what the issue is then you decide from there. If the laptop is really old like over 8+ years it may be best to get a newer laptop.

    Usually everything from your old laptop can be taken across to a new laptop keeping everything the same as how you had it.

    Lots of issues can be minor and even more major issues might not cost too much. Depends on the type of issue experienced.

    What can be repaired in a laptop?

    Usually pretty much everything can be repaired or replaced in a laptop. If the parts can be sourced (sometimes a bit difficult)


    • Battery
    • RAM
    • Keyboard
    • Hard Drive / SSD
    • CD / DVD Drive
    • WIFI Card
    • Fan
    • DC Jack (Power Connector)
    • BIOS / CMOS Battery
    • Hinge
    • Casing
    • LCD Screen
    • Display Cable
    • Processor (For some models)
    • Thermal Paste / Cooling Solutions
    • Flex Cabling
    • I/O Board
    • Motherboard
    • CD/DVD can be turned into an extra HDD/SSD Bay
    • High performance laptops may enable you to change graphics card
    • Speakers
    • Bluetooth
    • Webcam

    What are the most common laptop problems?

    Some of the most common laptop problems are:


    • Overheating
    • Broken Screens / Hinges
    • Battery draining quickly or not charging
    • Bad Keyboard
    • System Crashes / Freezing
    • Hard Drive Issues
    • Viruses / Malware

    What do you do when your laptop stops working?

    If your laptop is relatively new and it stops working, if you still have insurance. Contact the place where you bought it from.

    Otherwise you can have someone look at it for you. There are many reasons why a laptop could stop working it could be anything from software to hardware.

    Many times it is just minor problems.



    Leigh is a delight to deal with, always helpful and has been able to assist with all-out computer problems. Being able to remotely logging has been a godsend. Would definitely recommend Tattwa Networks.



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    Awesome service. PC fixed same day.