Liquid Spill Cleanups

As part of our computer repair services from our location in Diamond Creek we can help to cleanup a liquid spill from your device. 

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Motherboard from inside a laptop

Located nearby in Diamond Creek

Cleaning the liquid from your device

We are located in Diamond Creek and if you have dropped liquid on your device and your device has stopped working. There is a chance we may be able to get it working again.

If you spill liquid on your device, turn it off and don’t attempt to turn it back on. Its best to get someone to look at it for you.

Cleaning components

Depending what liquid, where the liquid was spilt and how long it has been like that will determine how the serious the problem is.

There’s always a large chance of serious damage to your computer when liquid is spilt on it.

Cleaning the components thoroughly can help to get your device back up and running, if there is no serious damage.

If the problem is too serious we can provide the option of repair or replacement parts.

Rice will probably not working for soaking up liquids as it cant absorb the liquids underneath the components.

Repair, Replacement Parts or New Device

If the problem is serious it may need board level repairs or the parts may need to be replaced. We can weight up the options and let you know best course of action.

If its not worth replacing the parts as it may be just better to buy a new device we will let you know.