Frequenly Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some questions you may be interested in…

Call us on 0479 100 163

Do you service home users?

Yes, we help home and home-business customers. We can help with the most basic computer issues as well as more complex issues.

Do you service business customers?

We do provide services to small businesses which can include new computers, setup and installation, networking, hardware repairs & replacements, general computer maintenance, software support and more…

What kind of services does Tattwa Networks provide?

We provide assistance with computer support, repairs and services. Our services can be found through our website links.

Does Tattwa Networks have a storefront?

We dont have a storefront. We are a local home based business located in Diamond Creek, customers can drop off and pickup their computers from our residential address.

What are your operating hours?

We are available from Monday – Friday. 10am – 5.30pm. But we do provide online support from 9am onwards as well as past 5.30pm. Outside hours can be arranged.

Do you work on PC and MAC?

Yes, we work on PC, Laptops and Apple MAC computers.

Do i need an appointment to bring my computer in for repair?

Yes, appointments need to be made before drop off and pickup of your computer so we can make sure we can see you at that time.

What do i need to bring when dropping off my computer?

When you come to drop off your computer, if its a laptop make sure you bring your power adapter. Normal desktop computers only need the case. MacBooks make sure you bring your adapter.

How long will it take to get my computer back?

It depends on the issue and how busy we are at the time. Most repairs are done within 1-5 business days and can possibly be quicker.

More advanced hardware repairs can take longer ( for example we may need to order specific parts for which it could take a while to recieve the part).

If i need the job completed immediately is it possible?

We try to work jobs in order but if you require the repair completely quickly we can mark it as express but will incur an additional fee. There is also a fee for jobs that need completing over the weekend.

I accidently deleted some of my important files. Is it possible to get them back?

Yes, in many cases the files can be recovered. But we recommend you to stop using your computer as the chance of recovery can be lowered especially with newer type computers in the last 5-6 years.

Newer type SSD drives have something called TRIM command which can make it very difficult or impossible to recover files. Older HDDs have a much greater chance of recovery because of lack of TRIM command.

Do you provide onsite services?

The majority of our servicing is done from our home-based location in Diamond Creek but we can provide onsite services on request.

Do you supply replacement parts?

Yes, we supply replacement parts for the majority of problems that are encountered. We order in the parts needed and replace the part.

Do you sell laptops?

We can provide new laptops for those who are needing a new laptop or would just like to upgrade their existing laptop.

Do you build custom PCs?

Yes, we build custom computers for the requirements you need.

Do you provide any computer training?

Yes, we can provide computer training for beginners and elderly or for people wanting to learn more about a certain topic.