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Please read through our terms and conditions to get an understanding of how our business works.

Please make sure you read and understand the conditions of our services so you understand how we work

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These terms and conditions are for Australian visitors and customers only and our website is not intended for countries outside Australia.


Rules and terms of remote support and onsite services that we provide to our customers

I (Client) agree to pay Tattwa Networks to repair, analyze and troubleshoot my computer hardware at a rate of the current price per hour. A charge of 25% of the first hour to secure remote support appointment may be necessary and a minimum of 1 hour for onsite, the rest will be billed when finished at price per hour. There is a minimum charge of one hour for onsite work.

  • Tattwa Networks may not be able to travel outside our radius stated on our pages, and must check to see if possible.


  • There will be extra travel costs involved outside of 3km.
  • Time will be billed to the nearest ¼ hour after the first hour for onsite work.
  • Pre-Booking payment may be required for online bookings of remote support or onsite work.
  • Online bookings have to be booked 3+ hours in advance so we can verify the booking, we request cancellations be made 1hr before so we can make arrangements. We recommend calling us or messaging us for more urgent matters.

  • Tattwa Networks is a home-based computer repair service and does not work from a shop front.
  • Payment of 25% of the first hour may needed to be secured using a credit card using Paypal or Stripe prior to a remote session.
  • The overall rest of the service cost will be charged after the session.
  • Tattwa Networks does not accept checks.
  • Billing starts at the time of the appointment.

Although Tattwa Networks will endeavor to conduct all activities in a timely manner, I understand that troubleshooting issues may be a time-consuming process and agree to pay Tattwa Networks for troubleshooting time as necessary.

If Tattwa Networks is requested to conduct further research on a specific issue, the client will not be billed for research time off-site but will be billed for research time while at the Client’s site/computer or remotely.

Tattwa Networks reserves the right to recommend another IT company if the troubleshooting requires the assistance of another IT company to assist.

The client will contract with the other IT company separately. Tattwa Networks will install any free programs that you grant permission/ask us to install, while we always try to do our best with the installations, some free programs do not work on all computer systems.

If we install a free program for you and you have problems with it, we will uninstall it, but will not give continued free support on the product.

**Regular bill rates apply.

I also certify that I will indemnify and hold harmless Tattwa Networks for any and all data or software that may be lost or erased, as well as for any consequence of the erasure or loss of that data or software.

Although Tattwa Networks will take every precaution to preserve all data and software on the computer, I acknowledge that occasionally data loss will occur and/or software operation may be compromised.

If I require training in backup methods and procedures, Tattwa Networks will provide that training to me at an additional rate as listed in the price’s section.

I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tattwa Networks for any and all hardware or software malfunctions or accidents that may occur before, during or after work is performed on client’s computer, and for any results thereof.

Virus Removals

I also certify that I will indemnify and hold harmless and will pay for added support to Tattwa Networks for any software repairs necessary after a virus has been detected and removed off a computer.

Viruses in a computer can cause many problems, Tattwa Networks cannot control what or how the virus affected the computer before removal. Tattwa Networks has a 30-day guarantee on virus/malware removals if the virus/malware returns.

If within 30 days you suspect you have an instance returning, please call us immediately. If after 30 days and you have a returned infection, we will discuss what AV products you purchased and decide on the best level of support.

There is no guarantee or warranty that a virus will never get through any product either purchased by Tattwa Networks or any other brand you buy online or off the shelf.

Confidentiality Agreement

Any private information stored on your computer or viewed by our computer repair technicians during a remote support call will be held confidential unless required by law.

Due to the requirements of the repair, if approved by you, the client…we will back up your data to ensure it’s integrity.

This is done to ensure that a customer has all the files they need when a computer is returned after a restore.

During a remote support call, the data is always backed up to the client’s computer or external hard drive. We do not back up the data on Tattwa Networks servers.

If requested, we will destroy any copies of your data immediately after the repair is complete. If requested, we will hold your data for 30 days.

Any private or personal information provided to Tattwa Networks will be kept confidential.

Pickup, Repair & Deliver & Computer Drop Offs

Tattwa Networks provide pickup services for your computer to get repaired at our workshop. When repairs are finalized Tattwa Networks will deliver it back to you. Cost depends on the service and the from price is listed on Tattwa Networks website, only the surrounding areas of Diamond Creek (suburbs listed on our website)

Tattwa Networks address and identifiable information will be given upon request or booking so you can verify our location. Because Tattwa Networks is a home-based business.

Customer drop off or pickup can be arranged. 

Tattwa Networks will keep you updated on repairs and changes or any other issues discovered using either phone, SMS or email. Regular updates with SMS can be arranged and often is provided.

The usual time for repairs will be usually 1-4 days but can be longer (1-3 weeks or longer) depending on the parts which may need to be ordered for the repair, the severity of the problem and other encountered issues.

Tattwa Networks is operated by one individual.

There might be an increased delay at point’s which is beyond Tattwa Networks control. Tattwa Networks may need to carry out onsite work, scheduled remote sessions and website services for other customers which may hinder repair time.

Tattwa Networks will strive to let you know if there is problem’s like this.

* There are extra costs involved in replacing hardware which may need to be purchased and installed or software installations which may also need to be purchased.

Laptop repairs can take considerably longer to repair depending on the fault. (2 days – 2 week’s average).

There can be many different parts and measures that need to be taken into consideration for each laptop and for acquiring replacement stock as each laptop is created differently and has its own specific parts.

If the laptop has a major electrical issue Tattwa Networks may recommend to send it to a chip level technician or recommend purchasing a new computer depending on circumstances of the problem.

Tattwa Networks allows computer drop-offs at our home based location. Our workshop is in Diamond Creek. We will let you know on appointment the location of the drop-off and we will arrange someone to meet you to retrieve your computer.

Also you can make a booking for a scheduled drop off using our online booking form.


Hardware Upgrades

Warranty on hardware upgraded or replaced is based on the warranty of the product. Any hardware fault can be a general fault on arrival for new hardware or caused by another issue within the system.

For example, most HDD’s have a 1-year warranty to which it can be replaced. Tattwa Networks is not held responsible for hardware faults as this can most likely be the fault of the manufacturer, other unforeseen events or the user but we will endeavor to assist which may involve service costs.

We always recommend our customers to take regular backups of there hard drives to an external device or online storage as computer parts can be highly sensitive and can be prone to failure. We cannot be held responsible for any lost data because of hardware failure.

Tattwa Networks will organize the repair or replacement of the faulty hardware if in our given warranty period and if the warranty is still applicable from the manufacturer within that time. 

If we find the fault is because of the user, data recovery is needed or replacement parts are needed then there will be more costs involved.

Tattwa Networks wont be held responsible for data loss on a new hard drive / storage device provided by us as hardware faults happen and its up to the customer to make sure backup precautions are taken care of.

New PC Builds


We build PC’s for our customers based on what they specify and what they need. We try to use the most stable and quality parts based on the needs and total spend.

PC’s come with a 1 year hardware warranty, where we will send back for replacement the faulty or problematic part if there is an manufacturer issue.

If the user damages the computer and is not a manufacturer fault, then the part may not be able to be replaced on warranty and the user may be charged extra to replace the part.

There may be delays on part arrival when we are building or we may need to change a part to something similar as the wholesaler may be out of stock.


Computer repair bookings online through our website

All online bookings require a 3hr+ before time so we can organize the booking time.

We ask that cancellations are done 1-2hrs before the appointment so we can make arrangements.


For the satisfaction of our customers if we cannot fix the problem we will deduct what we did fix during the service. If we didn’t fix anything during the service we will not charge for the service.

Onsite repairs may be charged the minimum rate depending on the situation, even if problem couldn’t be fixed because its unfixable. (Reason being: travel costs and time diagnosing). If we couldn’t fix the problem because of lack of experience we will deduct a partial cost.

We have a 30-day guarantee on our services, so if the problem isn’t completely fixed we will have another look for you to see what went wrong and the best approach to fixing it.

Computers can be unpredictable so sometimes we may think the problem is fixed but then other problems can creep up. Software and hardware are made with complicated programming and technology so it’s usually the case that no software and hardware is fault proof.

Website Services

New Websites

I understand that any extra work added to website design is charged extra on top of the quoted price, the total price is the price of the quote plus any extras if there is any.

Changes or updates to the website beyond the agreement will be charged at $50 hr or proposed price by the Tattwa Networks

Tattwa Networks has the right to remove the website design or any changes if the total amount of the cost isn’t paid as the website is still property of Tattwa Networks until the invoice has been paid.

Tattwa Networks recommends regular backups of your website and email by either your hosting provider or by cloud backups.

Tattwa Networks cannot be held responsible for loss of data or outside intruders damaging the website (even thou we verify basic security measures are in place to help protect your website). Backups help us to fix any loss or damage.

Websites are created in WordPress and come with a visual front end builder where you can make changes to the website yourself.

If we are uploading the new website to your existing hosting then the clause below for “updating or managing existing websites which are customers property” applies.

There may be extra charges of uploading to your existing hosting.

Updating or managing existing websites which are customers property

By purchasing our services to make changes to your website, monitor or update you are giving explicit permission to Tattwa Networks and its staff to have full access to your website to carry out these services.

By giving us your login information for any CMS, CPANEL, Hosting, Domain management you give us explicit permission to access these software / services to assess and to make changes.

We will carry out any services which you have purchased from us with the utmost care and with what needs to be carried out.

Tattwa Networks cannot be held responsible for any changes to the website that someone else might have made when we have had access.

The website owner is responsible for the changes that they have portrayed to us to make and if they are not happy with their idea and want to make alternative changes based on their decision they will be charged extra.

Tattwa Networks recommends a hosting which provides regular backups of your website and email, and will not be responsible to data loss or compromise of the account by an outside intruder.

Before making changes we enable local backup software or cpanel backup to create a backup so any changes can be reverted if there is a problem.


Website Hosting


We provide hosting which is supplied through our reseller hosting using Australian Hosting on fast servers.

Resource requirements can be changed or upgraded.

There are no refunds for downgraded hosting.

We manage your hosting account through our reseller hosting.

No refunds on cancellation of hosting paid for.



Date: 3/12/2021 (Revision 8)