How to clean your laptop

July 16, 2019

Cleaning your laptop

Because laptops are more compact than the usual desktop computers they tend to overheat and clog up easier. Keyboards being firmly attached to the computer allows for liquids and food to also run down into the workings of the computer and create damage.

Plus there are a few other things we can do to keep our laptop clean. So in this article we are going to explain what you can do to make sure your laptop is clean and dust free.

What to concentrate on?


Some of the things we can concentrate on that will improve the lifespan of your laptop is to make sure there isn’t a buildup of dust in the vents and that you wipe off any liquids or food that you drop on the laptop.

The reason for cleaning the dust out of your laptops vents is to allow air to flow through the laptop and cool down the components that get hot during use. Laptops can get incredibly hot and in some cases cause melting and damage to internal computer parts.

Also the thermal paste can dry up under the processor and cause the processor to overheat and permanently damage it.

Other damage can be to the motherboard as well as the HDD. Hard drives are meant to be kept under 30 – 40 degrees for the best performance, if you start going over that it will reduce the life span and cause mechanical problems with the HDD and potential data loss. In this case its recommended to install an SSD drive as they have no moving parts.

Some laptops are designed in a way that they get hot straight from the start. We can recommend using a cooling pad which you can stick under the laptop and blow air into it.

Cleaning the dust out of your laptop

Cleaning the dust out of your laptop isn’t usually that hard but in some cases where there’s a big build up of dust you may need to call a computer technician to assist you as they might need to pull the laptop apart and clean the dust with a compressed air tool and replace thermal compounds.

Dust gets stuck in the processor vent and can cause the heat to melt the lining of the vent and cause it to block the fins stopping the hot air from leaving. In this case the technician will need to pull the laptop apart and clean the it from the fins so the hot air can pass through.

To attempt the cleaning yourself you can use a compressed air can.

We recommend you turning off your laptop before you do it and that you have no power fitted to it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it ask a technician to assistance. You can possibly cause damage to your laptop doing this yourself and we recommend you ask someone who has experience.

Cleaning your laptop keyboard

Cleaning your laptop keyboard should be pretty straight forward. Just use some rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth or you can use the screen cleaning liquid that’s used to clean televisions and monitors.

Don’t spray directly on the keyboard but spray on the cloth first and then rub all the build up of food and liquids from the keyboard.

Beforehand you can use a compressed air can to blow the loose objects off but be careful not to blow it into the internal of the laptop.

Loose particles on some laptops can build up on a tray that sits below the keys which needs the laptop to be taken apart to clean, in this case we recommend asking a technician to assist you as you can cause damage to your laptop.

But if you feel comfortable you can find guides on the internet for your model laptop on how to get to that section.

Some other things to consider

By making sure the main parts are taken care of there are a few other things you can consider as well to make sure you get the maximum life expectancy from your laptop.

  • Keep your monitor clean by using a microfiber cloth and LCD cleaning liquid.
  • Clean your laptop casing with a microfiber cloth and LCD cleaning liquid.
  • Clean out any dust or objects in the usb sockets of the laptop as they can cause issues at some point.
  • Make sure all the vents are cleaned out.
  • If your laptop hard drive continues to over heat try replacing it with an SSD HDD.
  • Get a technician to thoroughly look at it and see what can be done to lower temperatures and speed up your computer in a software sense.
  • Make sure your computer software is running correctly and you don’t have any malicious programs running


If you would like us to take a look at your computer for you, we can be contacted on 0479 100 163 or an online booking can be made.


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