Today I worked on a group of computers for a company that needed to network their computers together. Most of the computers were on Windows 10 but one, in particular, was still on Windows 7.

This computer was connected to an old homegroup that wasn’t used anymore and there seemed to be damage done to the Peer Networking services, and when trying to leave the homegroup, Windows would throw up an error stating that it was impossible to exit the homegroup.

Upon running the Homegroup troubleshooter, it provided me with an error saying that the Peer Network services weren’t running, so I tried to start them manually, but it reported they could not be loaded or found.

So at this point what was happening is that the permissions or the configuration files for these services got corrupted at some point.

I ran all the latest updates that needed to be installed and then did a repair on the services, after that rebooting the system and then it all went through okay.

Connected the network and all was good.