The Benefits of a New Website Design

June 12, 2019

Today having a website designed is important for anyone trying to provide services, sell products or those wanting to create a blog about something they love to talk about, be it a hobby they are interested in or some important events that have happened in their life.

Websites are creative and represent what the person or company want to project to those who visit it. Websites can be customised and presented in any way that is desired. And with popular CMS software like WordPress & Joomla it becomes easy for customers to make changes themselves once the websites are setup by the designer/developer.

Why get a new website designed?


If you don’t have a website it is good to get one created if you are for example like what we spoke about above for the reasons that it can help people find you on the internet as well as allow a broader range of people to learn more about what you are providing.

If you already have a website but it is really old and developed in the way it was made before CMS software was popular, it would be wise to get them redesigned, rebuilt or upgraded to support the new guidelines of the web.

Since the old days the internet has become responsive to be able to fit and work on all types of devices that connect to the internet. And because a lot of people connect to the internet in different ways like through their mobile phone and tablets besides the desktop. Its good to make sure your website shows properly on them. Because if people cant see your website properly or it doesn’t load that person will not see what your website is about.

Besides these main aspects you are also doing the following:


What types of websites are there?

There are a variety of websites that can be made. There are e-commerce websites which helps people order goods and make payments from website and allows you the comfort of your own home.

Theres blog / personal websites which are loved by families and people who like to talk about big occasions that have happened in their life such as weddings, new babies or travelling. Blogging has become extremely popular around the world for this reason.

Informational websites which allow people to talk about subjects in depth allowing people to be able to research and self-teach from in front of their computer and not having to go into the library to borrow materials.

Online community websites, which are member type websites which usually house an online forum where people that are like minded can stay intouch and comunicate with each other. Members can contribute to ideas and ask questions.

Portfolios allow people to present their work and art to others easily with an online gallery.

Catalogue / Brochure type website allow you to create an online catalogue to promote your needs and allows people to easily see these things straight over the web.

Biography type website allows you to talk about yourself and detail more about your personal history, hobbies and life’s achievements.

Where to get a website designed?

The best place to get a website designed is a place that sparks your interest with the type of creativity you are looking for. Different companies have a different style to their art design.


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